Etsy Weekly Tip #2 Who Does Etsy Love?

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Etsy is a fantastic traffic source. Pinterest is also an excellent traffic source, maybe even better than Etsy.

The two of them combined can create an unstoppable force. But times are changing.

Are you too late to capitalize on these fantastic traffic sources?


Both Etsy and Pinterest have made a lot of changes in 2017 and 2018.

For many of us, we saw our traffic slow down, and along with it, sales were down.

You can't stop change. You can't fight it. You will lose every time.

To be successful online, you have to embrace change.

Why Pinterest

Traffic. Beautiful organic traffic.

Content 'pinned' (saved) to Pinterest is evergreen. It sticks around for 2+ years.

If you post content to any other social medium, the content and possible traffic generated from that content is gone almost immediately. (1 - 2 days, maybe a little longer for Facebook)

Etsy Loves Outside Traffic 

Etsy loves Pinterest. Literally, without Pinterest, Etsy would have never happened. (and maybe vice versa also)

It's a match made in heaven.

Etsy Search Algorithm

Etsy made a significant search algorithm change this year. We felt it for sure. They added 'free shipping' into the algorithm, and we made the mistake of ignoring this change. (I didn't embrace change)

Here's the best part.

Changes aside, the Etsy search algorithm is still directly affected by outside traffic. Many people don't realize this.

Etsy loves external traffic. The more traffic your shop gets, the more sales you will make. The more sales you make, the more listing renewals. Etsy keeps track of your renewals and sales conversions.

When they see you making sales, you will be rewarded with higher positions in the search. Even in 2018, this still plays a significant factor in the search algorithm.

How to Make Pins

Even if you have minimal design skills, you are still going to have to learn, adapt or hire someone else to make you Pins.

This is not optional. You need to make a lot of pins. 

The software Canva is the easiest way to make awesome pins. 

Make sure to make multiple pins per item.

Pin Like a Wild Man

There are lots of tutorials on Pinterest. It goes beyond the scope of this article.

Just make sure dedicate at least 1 hour/day to Pinterest. (seriously)

And never stop. One of our biggest regrets was getting lazy and neglecting our Pinterest duties. (We went over to the dark side, Promoted Pins)

Business Plan

In conclusion, I want to make one more critical point.

Treat your Etsy shop as phase 1 in your long-term business plan. This advice is for everyone, part-timers and the full-timers.

Your phase 2, should be the opening of your own independent shop, on your own domain. 

We can discuss this more in detail down the road. (foreshadowing)

You will always be keeping your Etsy shop, that won't change because why not, it's a fantastic platform, but at the same time, you should also be planning to own your own website down the road.

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