Etsy Tips

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Etsy Weekly Tip #12 Plan, Focus and Execute
Not getting sales is tough. We've been there, we understand.I distinctly remember saying to Bibi, "I think the ceiling on[...]
Etsy Weekly Tip #11 When Should You Start a Website
SaveSaveWhen is the correct time to start your own website?Is it going to replace your Etsy shop or compliment it?Do[...]
Etsy Weekly Tip #10 Get Syndicated, Get Rich
SaveSaveThe rules of internet marketing are always changing.Strategies that work today don't always work tomorrow.Etsy made significant algorithm changes in[...]
Etsy Weekly Tip #9 Promoted Listings on Steroids
We love Etsy promoted listings!When Etsy first introduced promoted listings, we were lucky enough to realize it's full potential right[...]
Etsy Weekly Tip #8 Turn Visitors into Buyers $$$
I've been stuck doing our accounting all week. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy working with the numbers, but after[...]
Etsy Weekly Tip #7 The Secret Search Engine
SaveSaveThe acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.Which search engines are we interested in?Etsy's search engine is the most important,[...]
Etsy Weekly Tip #6 Listen to These People the Most
Customer service is a critical factor in your success as an Etsy shop owner. We are going to share with[...]
Etsy Weekly Tip #5 You Need to Embrace This
SavePin me Pls :)Internet marketing, the act of making money online, is continuously changing.Traffic methods that work last year might[...]
Etsy Weekly Tip #4 Success Follows After You Lose This
SaveSaveSaveAnd the answer to the question is...Your EgoThe moment you lose your ego and start to listen to the feedback[...]
Etsy Weekly Tip #3 AWeber Etsy App Integration
SaveSaveSavePin me Please :)Today's tip is a total game changer. It's one I wish I had learned a lot sooner.AWeber[...]
Etsy Weekly Tip #2 Who Does Etsy Love?
Etsy is a fantastic traffic source. Pinterest is also an excellent traffic source, maybe even better than Etsy.The two of[...]
Etsy Weekly Tip #1 Product Photography
SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveWithout a doubt, product photography is the most critical ingredient in making your Etsy shop a success.Nothing else really matters[...]