Etsy Weekly Tip #3 AWeber Etsy App Integration

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Today's tip is a total game changer. It's one I wish I had learned a lot sooner.

AWeber has written an Etsy app that allows you to collect the emails from your Etsy customers, those customers that agree to subscribe to your email list.

You can read more about it here.

We were utterly stunned when we found out about this revelation!

If we had discovered this sooner, we'd have an extensive (10,000+) email list of our customers (buyers).

AWeber-Etsy App

AWeber is not a free service, but in my opinion, this is an invaluable tool that you should strongly consider adding to your shop.

Maybe wait until your shop generates at least $1000/month, but after that point, I'd integrate it.

If you recall in the last week's tip, Etsy loves external traffic. You could use your email list to advertise to your past customers letting them about giveaways and future promotions.

Traffic boosts timed right before the Xmas rush could help pay for some of Santa's list.

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Learn why the AWeber Etsy App is our Etsy Weekly Tip #3. Each week we let our readers know the next critical step they need to take to Succeed on Etsy. #etsysuccess
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