Etsy Weekly Tip #6 Listen to These People the Most

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Customer service is a critical factor in your success as an Etsy shop owner. We are going to share with you all of our secrets to executing the customer service that brings you more sales.

Etsy themselves has also made recent mentions that a shop's customer service is a measurable metric that is used to determine search rankings.

So who are the people you should listen to the most?

Your customers.

These are only people you need to listen too. (and us of course)

Make sure to listen very carefully with an open mind. Remember to lose your ego and embrace the valuable information your customers are sharing with you.

The Basics before the Basics

  • Complete your About Page
  • Detailed Listing Descriptions
  • Check Circle
    Complete your Store Policies

The majority of your potential customers will never email you and ask a question. (90%+) 

This is totally a made-up statistic, but the number is very high.

If customers have questions, but they don't ask you for the answers, what can you do?

Make sure your About Page looks incredible, your store policies and your listings descriptions (and pictures) are detailed and complete.

By providing detailed information, you'll be answering questions before they are asked.

The Convo Basics

  • Reply back as fast as possible
  • Start every convo with: Thanks for contacting us.
  • Sign-off every convo with: Kindest Regards, Your Name

If a customer did take the time to send you a message, get back to them as soon as possible. People have very short attention spans these days, and if you don't reply back to customers asap, they will shop somewhere else.

No matter what, start every conversation with a thank you.

Bonus Tip:  If they signed their email with a name, you should reply back: Hi Name, Thanks for contacting us.

Finish ever conversation with: Kindest Regards, Your Name

Let your customer know that they are talking to a real person that is polite and caring.

Listen to their Feedback

The information you receive directly from customers via Etsy convos is vital to your success, especially when you are first starting out.

Maybe your target audience is different than you initially expected.

Maybe the product you are offering isn’t quite right, make the necessary adjustments.

Give customers what they want.

If customers keep asking for something in black, when you only offer something in brown, consider also providing it in black. 

Listen to their Feedback.

As you receive feedback, make sure to update listings.

Again, if they keep asking about something that is confusing, you can go back and make sure descriptions and pictures are more detailed. 

Again remember, only a small percentage of customers will ever even ask a question. Imagine how many customers you might be losing because of something little that can easily be corrected.

Make workflow adjustments.

Correct problems before they happen. Example: We noticed that a lot of customers were accidentally submitting old mailing addresses (auto-filled via Paypal).

So after we kept seeing this happen over and over again, we decided to be proactive. After we receive an order, we send the customer an email and ask them to confirm the mailing address.

Engage the Customer

  • Make sure to answer all of the customer's questions and concerns
  • Ask questions back, engage the customer in conversation
  • The further offer of assistance
  • Check Circle
    Directly ask for the sale

If a customer asks three questions, make sure to answer all three questions.

Take your time replying back to the customer. We even take it a step further and answer the questions they haven't asked yet. The more effort you put in, the better the results.

If a customer asks you a short question, you might be safe in assuming that they are only mildly interested in your product.

Extend the conversation. If the customer is asking about an item for an upcoming wedding, after fully answering their question, ask them, "When is the wedding?"

Build a rapport with the customer.

The further offer of assistance (FOOA) is a fundamental and practical way to end an email but also as a tool to show that you really care.

Some customers are afraid to ask multiple questions, and the FOOA might save a tentative customer from exiting your store without getting all their concerns answered.

If a customer is close to buying, always directly ask for the sale.

Once we've answered a customer's questions and we feel they are close to buying, we finish our emails with the following template:

"Sounds good. Go ahead and place your order. Leave us your instructions on the checkout page. Kindest Regards, Bibi"


  • Listen to your Customers
  • Reply back to them quickly
  • Provide better Customer Service than they're Expecting.
Kelly Fitzsimmons

In 2010, Kelly left the corporate world behind, sold all his stuff and hit the road. He settled in Chiang Mai, met his super-intelligent wife, Bibi and together, they created their thriving Etsy business. To keep the creative juices following, Bibi and Kelly have started side blogging projects aimed at helping others mimic their Etsy and blogging success.